• Did You Know That You Can Claim for Sun Protection against Your Taxes?

    Australia is renowned for its climate and many parts of the country receive more sunshine hours a year than anywhere else in the world. Consequently, many people find themselves exposed to the sun when they're carrying out their regular occupation. With that exposure comes a risk associated with those damaging rays. If you're required to work in the sun for long periods of time, did you know that you can claim back the costs of sun protection in many circumstances against your taxes?
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  • Do You Need an Accountant to Handle Your Personal Taxes?

    It's probably safe to say that many people manage their own personal taxes; they may use an online program or a software program they buy, but may not feel that they need the professional help of an accountant to get them through tax time. While it may be legal for you to do this, not everyone should manage their own taxes at the end of the year. Note a few signs that it's good to rely on a qualified accountant to prepare and file personal taxes and why this can be beneficial.
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